Make money by promoting!

You can help people find our VPN service by placing a special affiliate link to on your web-site, in your e-mails etc. and receive comissions for every purchase made by clients who came by following your affiliate link.

Your commission will be 20% of every purchase made within a year after the client's first visit to our web-site via your affiliate link.

We make payouts via PayPal only, so you must have a PayPal account in order to participate in this program.

How it works

1. You register in our Affiliate Program (registration is free) and receive your own affiliate link that you can place on your web-site, your blog, in your e-mails etc.

2. Whenever somebody clicks on the link, our system starts tracking the visitor.

3. If a visitor decides to buy VPN packages from us (not necessarily in the same browser session, but within 12 months from his first visit to our web-site), his/her purchases will be registered as referred by you.

4. A 20% commission of every payment made by the visitor will be added to your account. For example, if a visitor buys a 90-day package for $11.99, your commission will be $2.40.

5. Commissions earned within a calendar month are held for verification purposes for the duration of the next calendar month and then are paid to your PayPal account. So, in the beginning of March (within the 1st-5th) you will be receiving commissions earned in January, in the beginning of April (within the 1st-5th) you will be receiving commissions earned in February and so on.


You must have a valid PayPal account, otherwise you would not be able to receive payouts.

You may not receive commissions by clicking your own affiliate link and making purchases (even with different name or PayPal account).

You will not receive commissions for payments that were later refunded, reverted by PayPal or by the buyer's credit card issuer. If your affiliate link generates too many such problematic payments we reserve the right to disable your affiliate account.

If we detect violations or attempts to violate the rules, the corresponding participants' earned commissions will become void, accounts disabled and they will be banned from participating in the program in the future.

Affiliate Login

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