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Frequently Asked Questions

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an encrypted tunnel on the Internet. It allows secure connection between different computers/servers through public Internet lines.

Main reasons to use our VPN service are:

  • Prevent passwords from being intercepted on public Wi-Fi hot-spots.
  • Encrypt ALL your traffic to/from the Internet.
  • Unblock any website (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu etc.) blocked by your current Internet provider or unavailable in your country.
  • Hide your real IP address.

Proxy servers work on the per-application basis, i.e. each application must be configured separately to work via the proxy server. While most modern browsers support proxy servers, many other Internet applications do not. When you access a web-site via a proxy server, the web-site in theory still can see your true IP address with a special JavaScript or Flash code.

VPN connection works on a lower level and ALL you Internet traffic goes through it. Applications do not need to be aware of the VPN as it all happens automatically. For this reason it is very unlikely that some particular application would not work via VPN.

In multiple locations in USA.

Absolutely no!

You can receive your free trial VPN login/password with literally two clicks, so it is 100% anonymous. Just try it!

Paying with Bitcoin is 100% anonymous too. While most VPN providers ask for your e-mail address, we don't! You are redirected to GoCoin.com for the payment. We do not wait for Bitcoin blockchain confirmations and your payment is accepted as soon as it is made. After the payment is complete you will receive your VPN login/password on the confirmation web-page. Make sure to save that information before you close the browser window!

When you choose to pay for a premium VPN package with PayPal you are redirected to PayPal to complete the payment. You will then receive your VPN login/password both on the confirmation web-page and in your mailbox. We send your VPN login/password to the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account. Make sure that your spam filter allows incoming e-mails from [email protected].

Your VPN login/password will be valid for the selected duration. There are no other hidden charges and no recurring payments. When your current VPN package expires you can simply buy another one.

There are two ways to pay at the moment:

  • via PayPal with your credit/debit card or your PayPal account balance;
  • with Bitcoin via GoCoin.com - 100% anonymously.

You can select the form of payment after you click the "Buy now" button.

All payments to vpnjack.com are one-time and there are no hidden charges or automatic recurring payments.

Yes, the following limitations apply to our free trial VPN service:

  • Your VPN login/password pair is valid for 24 hours.
  • Your VPN login/password pair allows you to connect multiple times during this period but the total VPN time is limited to 60 minutes.
  • You cannot request more than one free VPN login/password pair in 24 hours.

You can buy a premium package to remove these limitations.

You can set up your VPN connection on as many computers/devices as you want but only one of them can be connected at the same time. However, if you need several connections simultaneously, you can buy multiple VPN packages, one for each computer/device.

Unlike other VPN service providers, we do not require you to register at all. Our free VPN service is FULLY anonymous as well as the premium VPN service if you pay with Bitcoin. We do not ask even for your e-mail address!

If you pay with PayPal then we receive only a minimal information about the buyer and we use it only to ensure the quality of service. We do not give away or sell any information about our users to third parties.

We only track the minimal information needed for proper accounting and system health monitoring, like the duration of your VPN connection and average bandwidth. We do NOT keep the track of web-sites you visit or the content of the data being transferred through your VPN connection.

We provide two types of VPN: PPTP and L2TP.

PPTP VPN is the simplest to configure, very fast and compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices.

L2TP VPN is newer and more secure but is a little slower and a bit more complicated to configure. It also consumes more CPU for its stronger encryption.

Please, note that latest versions of iOS (10 and later) and MacOS (10.12 Sierra and later) do not support PPTP VPN connections anymore, so you have to use L2TP VPN for them.

Setting up a VPN connection via another VPN connection may or may not work depending on many factors. However, even when it works it is hard to find a legitimate reason to do so. Stacked VPN connection will inevitably be much slower than any of those VPN connections alone, and may frequently produce timeouts, dropped sessions and other errors.

For PPTP VPN connections:

  • TCP port 1723 must be open
  • IP protocol ID 47 (GRE) must be enabled

For L2TP VPN connections:

  • UDP port 500 must be open
  • UDP port 1701 must be open
  • UDP port 4500 must be open
  • IP protocol ID 50 (ESP) must be enabled

Many home WiFi routers have an option VPN Passthrough or Allow VPN or having a similar name that configures what is needed for VPN connections to work.

By clicking the button below you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.

Limitations apply:

  • Your VPN login/password pair is valid for 24 hours.
  • Your VPN login/password pair allows you to connect multiple times during this period but the total VPN time is limited to 60 minutes.
  • You cannot request more than one free VPN login/password pair in 24 hours.

Buy a premium package to remove these limitations.

We strongly recommend trying our free trial first to make sure that VPN is not blocked by your Internet service provider.

365 days $29.99
180 days $19.99
90 days $11.99
30 days $5.49
7 days $1.99
24 hours $0.99

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